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Our Vision

Research staff spending more time on what matters so new treatments can get to patients

Our Mission

Be the next-generation solution for study data interconnectivity

Our Values

Health ignite data values

Our company exists to help researchers collect study patient data fast, enabling vital treatments to reach patients sooner and deliver modern clinical trials.

Because health matters to everyone – our customers, our family and our staff – we care passionately about this role and our responsibilities.

Trust ignite data values

We believe that trust is earned: our team is focused on ensuring that all we do is delivered to stringent industry protocols and the highest service standards.

Quality and data security are in our DNA and are what sets our people apart.

Collaboration ignite data values

Our success is rooted in powerful collaborations, forged with world-renowned research sites and global pharma.

Internally and externally, our culture of inclusion and respect means we are always guided by insights, expertise and clearly defined needs.

Our Leadership Team

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Zach Taft

Chief Executive Officer

Having successfully scaled 3 digital healthcare companies through positive transactions, Zach was brought in by the founders to accelerate IgniteData’s growth with sites and pharma partners. His focus will be on operationalizing the company, commercial team, and product for general availability and growth across the industry.

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Dan Hydes


As a founder Dan led the work shaping IgniteData's value prop, commercial model and scale-up strategy. In the role of President, this focus will redouble as we further reinforce Archer's position as the market-leading global eSource-to-Sponsor solution.

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Richard Yeatman

Chief Operating Officer 

Richard is laser-focused on our people, mission, and growth. Directing operations, project delivery and financial strategy, he will ensure that the regulatory-grade studies and customer support delivered by the IgniteData team are consistently world-class.

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Steve Tolle

Chief Product & Technology Officer 

Having spent 30 years delivering best-in-class clinical products in the healthcare industry, Steve is passionate about product strategy and delivery. Working hand-in-glove with IgniteData’s customers, he will ensure product market fit and overall return on investment.

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Our Story

2013 A meeting of minds

IgniteData founders Dan Hydes and Richard Yeatman meet and work together as business and commercial consultants at a leading NHS Foundation Trust. Their work in the NHS leads them to see firsthand the data system silos and inefficiencies involved in running clinical trials at large research-active hospitals.

2014 Vision: IgniteData

IgniteData is formed with the aim of helping to deliver efficiencies in modern clinical trials through the automated transfer of data between systems. The technology isn’t quite ready to create the scalable, system-agnostic tool that Dan and Richard envisage, so they park the idea and continue building IgniteData’s expertise in supporting clinical trial delivery.

2014- 2019 Building

IgniteData successfully delivers numerous clinical trial data projects, including in patient recruitment, feasibility and real-world studies. All the while the team are continuing to build and expand their expertise in clinical trials and reaffirming their vision for a tool that will help change things for the better.

2019 Hello Archer

Advances in the technologies used in EHR systems finally mean the time is right to start building the tool Dan and Richard envisage. A grant from Innovate UK helps build a prototype, and Archer – the Virtual Research Assistant – is born. It is designed to be the world’s first truly agnostic tool to safely automate the transfer of clinical data from EHR to EDC.

2020 Selected

The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic makes Archer – which allows for less in-person visits to clinical trial sites – even more relevant. The team win three further grants, in all being awarded over £1 million in government funding to develop Archer.

Archer is shortlisted in a vendor selection process run by the EHR2EDC Consortium (led by AstraZeneca, Janssen and Sanofi) and, ultimately, comes out at the top. This kick-starts a partnership with AstraZeneca to pilot the use of Archer in a hospital setting.

February 2022 Turbo-drive

IgniteData announces a multimillion dollar investment and partnership with global professional services firm ZS, to turbocharge the transformation of patient data automation in clinical trials with Archer.

Through ZS’s worldwide life sciences presence, the partnership will open up the benefits of Archer to health systems and sponsors on a global scale.

September 2022 Go-live

In a pivotal moment for the modernisation of clinical trials, Archer is put into action in an oncology trial. In collaboration with AstraZeneca and University College London Hospitals (UCLH), the pilot automates the transfer of data between UCLH’s Epic EHR and AstraZeneca’s Medidata Rave EDC.

June 2023 MSK Innovation Hub

IgniteData announces a new collaboration with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) – providing a data transfer integration between the EHR at MSK and the electronic systems of two major clinical trial sponsors, with additional sponsors and trials.

July 2023 Live pilot

University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH), IgniteData and AstraZeneca evaluate how Archer EHR-to-EDC transfer technology performs in a clinical trial setting. The live pilot shows that Archer can map 100% of Vital Signs and Labs data, and successfully transfer 100% of mapped data from those domains to the study databse.

May 2024 Accelerating growth

Zach Taft becomes CEO of IgniteData. Brought in by the founders, his firm focus is on accelerating IgniteData’s growth with sites and pharma partners. Co-founder Dan Hydes becomes President, redoubling his work on shaping the company’s value prop, commercial model and scale-up strategy. Fellow co-founder Richard Yeatman transitions from the role of CTO to become COO. Steve Tolle takes the reigns as CPTO (Chief Product and Technology Officer), bringing with him a wealth of leadership experience.

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