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Designed for clinical trial sites and delivering exceptional results for sponsors, Archer stands out as the ultimate transformational data transfer solution for clinical trials.

checkicon Provides Accurate, Normalised data without the Effort: Archer ensures precise and normalised data transfer, eliminating manual data entry errors. This accuracy enhances the reliability of clinical trial results and boosts data integrity.

checkicon Intuitive, Easy-to-use Interface frees up Valuable Research Time: Archer's user-friendly interface is designed to be intuitive, significantly reducing the learning curve for researchers. This ease of use allows research teams to focus on what matters most—conducting groundbreaking research.

checkicon Transfers regulatory-grade data from EHR-to-Research System in minutes: Archer enables the seamless transfer of regulatory-grade data from Electronic Health Records (EHR) to Research Systems in just minutes. This swift data transfer accelerates the clinical trial process.

checkicon Researchers always retain control: With Archer, researchers always retain control over their data. The solution ensures data security and compliance with regulatory standards, giving researchers and sponsors peace of mind.

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